Private, Unknown or Inaccessible Hot Springs

The hot springs below are known to be Private, Generally Unknown, Inaccessible Hot Springs
Listed in order by temperature

Ennis Hot Springs

Directions:  Located a couple miles north of the town of Ennis.

Features:  Ennis Hot Springs has is the warmest hot spring in Montana at 193 degrees! It's source appears to be a well.

Status:  Private and unknown what it's use is today.

Temperature:  193 degrees

Warm Springs at the Montana State Hospital

Directions:  Located on the grounds of the Montana State Psychiatric Hospital.

Features:  Were used for geothermal heating of the facility but currently unused.

Status:  Private, not accessible

Temperature:  174 degrees

Silver Star Hot Springs

Directions:  Silver Star Hot Springs (previously known as Barkell’s Hot Springs) is located between Whitehall and Twin Bridges in the small community of Silver Star.

Features:  An interesting fact on Silver Star is it is the third oldest town in Montana. Silver Star hot spring consists of five springs with a temperature of 162 degrees which is the third hottest in Montana.

History:  These hot springs were first claimed in 1973 when they were piped a short distance away into a home for baths and heating. Soon after a large outdoor pool was built, it was said to be popular with those in the area. Another source noted the springs were used as a laundry for the area gold miners.

Status:  Currently the hot springs are used to heat the residence as well as a commercial green house. The site has an indoor and outdoor pool as well. It was for sale as recently as 2016 but appears to have been sold or taken off the market. This is a private family home with no public access.

Temperature:  162 degrees

Silver Star Hot Springs

Wolf Creek Hot Springs

Directions:  Located 35 miles south of Ennis.

Features:  I found zero infomation on this one, there is a home on the site of this spring, we assumed it is private.

Status:  Private, not accessible

Temperature:  140 degrees

Hunter's Hot Springs

Directions:  Located 15 miles east of Livingson.Features:  This hot spring has an interesting history, it was once a large resort but was lost to a fire in 1932. If you are into history Google this one. It does not have any development today.

Status:  Appears to be private and not accessible

Temperature:  140 degrees

Alhambra Hot Springs

Directions:  Located 15 miles east of Livingson.

Features:  Historically there was a resort here. Today the spring is used for geothermal heating of a nursing home.

Status:  Private and not accessible

Temperature:  133 degrees

Pipestone Hot Springs

Directions:  Located about 18 miles east of Butte, MT or 8 miles west of Whitehall. The hot springs are located just off I-90, within a mile of the Pipestone exit.

Features:  This one is dilapidated abandoned resort, it remains closed to the public. It does not have any development today.

History:  Pipestone was discovered in 1862, the springs got it's name from a material the tribes in the area used to make clay pipes. By the 1880's a hotel was constructed on the site along with several other buildings. In 1912 the springs were home to a hotel and 100 canvas roofed cabins as well. Shortly there after the hotel burned, rebuilt and burned down again, it was unknown if it was rebuilt a third time. The resort operated until the 1960's when it closed for unknown reasons.

Status:  Currently this hot spring is private property and there is no public access to the site. You can however see the structures that remain from a county road nearby.

Temperature:  135 degrees at the source

Pipestone Hot Springs
Photos provided by Scott Van Wyk from our Facebook Group 2019

Biltmore Hot Springs

Directions:  Located 12 miles SW of Twin Bridges.

Features:  This one is another old resort, it is now private.

Status:  Private and not accessible.

Temperature:  128 degrees

Puller Hot Springs

Directions:  Located 20 miles south of Alder, Montana.

Features:  A small spring located on private land.

Status:  Private and not accessible

Temperature:  112 degrees

Granite Hot Springs

Directions:  Located next door to Lolo Hot Springs.

Features:  Located on private land, it was for sale about ten years ago but remains closed to the public.

Status:  Private and not accessible

Temperature:  111 degrees

Camas Hot Springs

Directions:  Located in Hot Springs

Features:  This is the source for the Symes Hot Springs and Alamenda's Hot Springs Retreat

Status:  Both facilities are operating resorts

Temperature:  100 degrees

Blue Joint Hot Springs

Directions:  This one is hard to find. This spring is 31 miles southwest of Darby on the west side of Painted Rocks Reservoir.

Features:  A shallow homemade pool with room for a couple people. It is on the side of a hill above Blue Joint Creek.

Status:  Public, Bitterroot National Forest.

Temperature:  84 degrees, feels warm after crossing the creek (after you fall off a log into the creek)!

Blue Joint Hot Springs
Photos provided by 2017

Sloan Cow Camp Spring

Directions:  Located in SW Montana, south of Ennis and west of Wade and Cliff Lakes.

Features:  Very little infomation is available on this one. This one may be nothing but a warm mudhole.

Status:  This is on national forest land but there are buidlings near by.

Temperature:  86 degrees

The Landusky Plunge

Directions:  Located 56 miles southwest of Malta, MT.

Features:  This was listed as a swimming hole in one source but the infomation is not up to date.

Status:  This one might be open to the public. It's exact location is on the USGS table

Temperature:  77 degrees

Trudau Warm Springs

Directions:  Located on the west side of Ruby River Reservoir south of Alder, MT.

Features:  This is a warm deep pond, I remember going here as a kid, back in the late 1980's it had tropical fish living in it somehow.

Status:  This is private and no longer contains fish apperently.

Temperature:  73 degrees

Valley Swimming Pool

Directions:  Located near Three Forks Montana, south of Madison Buffalo Jump State Park.

Features:  The once popular swimming hole with the locals a generation or two ago is currently abandoned and seen better days. Apparently a wooden fence surrounded this pool at one time as well.

Status:  At the time of this posting we believe the pool on private land. Please ask permission from the landowner before visiting.

Temperature:  Unknown but it is heated by a warm spring.

Valley Swimming Pool
Photos provided by Scott Van Wyk from our Facebook Group. Thank you!
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