Guidelines When Visting Hot Springs

✓  Always pack it in, pack it out. Leave no trace. Leave it better then you found it.
✓  Never bring glass bottles or containers near any water source!
✓  Be courteous to others, bring a swimsuit along to popular springs
✓  No Soap and shampoo of any kind are allowed, keep the springs clean!
✓  Check current conditions before you go, fires, high water, floods and closures happen

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Private, Unknown or Inaccessible Hot Springs

Looking for information on a hot spring not listed below? Check this listing we compiled of Private, Unknown or Inaccessible Hot Springs
The hot springs below are known to be publicly accessable but are primitive, access is not guaranteed.

Boiling River Hot Spring (Yellowstone Park)***Closed***

Springs were washed out by the spring floods of 2022 and remain closed.

Directions:  The Boiling River is located in Yellowstone National Park just outside Gardiner, MT near Mammoth Hot Springs on the Montana border. If you are traveling from Mammoth the main parking area will be on your right after you cross from Wyoming into Montana. If you cross the bridge over the Gardner River you have gone to far. Once you park follow the path back about 1/2 mile designated river soaking area is located.

Features:  Very hot water mixes with the cooler river water to make for a perfect temperature

Usage:  Heavy

Temperature:  Varies widely, from very hot to cool

Random Information:  One of the few areas within Yellowstone where hot spring soaking is permitted.

Overall:  If your in Yellowstone don't miss this one. This spring is open as conditions allow. The area is a day use only area and will be closed during times of high water in the spring.

More Info: Check current conditons on the status of the Boiling River

Boiling River Hot Springs
Photos provided by Kolin Darby Smith from our Facebook Group January 2019. Thank you!
boilingriver3 boilingriver4

Gigantic Warm Spring

Directions:  Located about 14 miles north of Lewistown. Go north on US 191 nine miles from the center of Lewistown. Take a left on MT 81 for 3.7 mles, you will see a sign for Gigantic Warm Springs, take a right on Warm Spring Lane for about a mile.

Features:  Gigantic Warm Springs is self proclaimed the largest warm spring in the world and third largest spring at 50,000 GPM. Daily admission is $4 for those 13 and over, $3 for those between 13 and six, kids five and under are free.

Usage:  Heavy

Temperature:  68 degrees

Overall:  A swimming hole for the locals during the summer months. This area is day use only, no overnight camping is permitted. No dogs are allowed, if you bring a dog you will be asked to leave. Season of operation June 1st through Labor Day Weekend.

More Info: For more information check their Facebook page Gigantic Warm Spring Facebook.

Gigantic Warm Spring
gigantic pond gigantic pond
gigantic warm springs winter

Landusky Plunge

Directions:  Located about 55 miles Southwest of Malta, MT. Take US 191 South 55 miles from Malta. Take a right on MT 66 North for 1.7 mles, take a right Zortman Landusky Cutacross and follow for four miles. Take a left on an unamed gravel road and follow it NW to reach the plunge.

Features:  Landusky Plunge is said to be open to the public and is cared for by the locals. This is a summer swimming spot and is popular with the locals. There is one shaded picnic table, this is undeveloped. We have been told you should wear water shoes because getting in and out is painful on the rocks.

Usage:  Unknown

Temperature:  77 degrees

Overall:  A swimming hole for the locals during the summer months. Please keep this place clean, PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT!

Landusky Plunge
Current photo by Muriel Mattie Maples, Montana Hot Springs Facebook Group
Historical photo courtesy of Phillips County, Montana - Memories Facebook
Landusky Plunge Montana Historical photo Landusky Plunge

Nimrod Warm Springs

Directions:  Just west of the Bearmouth exit on I-90, look for the waterfall along the east side of the road. The typical parking area is just after the guard rail past the spring however park at your own risk, No Parking signs are posted and you are on the side of a interstate highway. For legal parking directions see this Reddit posting Nimrod Parking Directions.

Features:  The spring pool is fairly large and deep, the main attraction here is the underwater cave which you can get to by swimming under the rock face and popping up a few feet away inside the cave. I wouldn't recommend it but people do it all the time.

Usage:  Heavy, pack out your trash! Nimrod is popular with the college crowd during the summer.

Temperature:  70 degrees, This spring is rather cool by hot spring standards

History:  Legend has it that this spring was much warmer and the area was home to the Byrne Resort before the Interstate came though which changed the spring temperature in the 1950's. The Byrne Resort was built in 1930, the resort esd home to a cafe, gas station and store. A 25 x 60 foot swimming pool was blasted out of solid rock next to the warm springs. No trace remains of any of this today.

Overall:  Recently the owners of the spring reached out to us concerned with the level of trash left behind at the spring. After posting on our Facebook page a local diver cleaned up the springs. This spring was in danger of closing as a result. See the story on the Trash Cleanup PLEASE PACK OUT YOUR TRASH!!!

Nimrod Warm Springs
Photos Sourced from Kayla Cross, Montana Hot Springs Facebook group.
Historical photo of Byrne Resort from Jeff Birkby.
nimrod pool nimrod cave enterence
nimrod waterfall nimrod waterfall
Nimrod Warm Springs Pool Byrne Resort at Nimrod Warm Springs

Renova Hot Springs

Directions:  South of Whitehall, MT. Take MT highway 55, 10 miles south of Whitehall to the Waterloo turn-off. Drive south on this road 1/2 mile, take a left after crossing the river, drive about 2 miles across the valley to Point of Rocks Road, take a left traveling north about 3.5 miles. About 200 yards before the spring there will be a small camping area to the left. You can get to the springs from the north also, there are some great views to the north of the springs.

Features:  Over the last 20 years this spring was home to three foot deep pool that fills like a bathtub along the side of a channel of the Jefferson River. Users would bring two solo cups (or something equivalent) to plug the pipes draining the pool. As of fall 2018 the hottest water has moved several yards above this pool. There are hand built pools here for soaking.

Usage:  Heavy to Moderate

Temperature:  Temperature 122 degrees at the source.

Random Information:  Be aware that this spring can be under water during high water or unusable during extreme low water. Check the gauge station on the Jefferson River near Silver Star for information. Around 700 cfs is a good river flow. Due to the recent changes at the spring it is more susceptible to the river flow then prior years.

Overall:  This spring is worth the drive, there are several attractions in the area including Lewis and Clark Caverns and Upper Potosi Hot Springs. Please be respectful, in recent years there have been issues here Alcohol Incidents

Renova Hot Springs
Photos taken by Montana Hot Springs August 2020
Bottom right photo of pool taken in 2002.
renova hot springs renova hot springs
renova pool Renova pool 2020
Renova pool 2020 Renova pool 2002

Upper Potosi Hot Spring

Directions:  West of Pony, MT.   To reach Pony take highway 287 to Harrison, MT.  Once you reach Pony follow the signs to Potosi Campground, about 8 miles from Pony. Once you reach the campground the walk to the springs which is about an easy mile from the trailhead.  The springs will be on your left surrounded by a log rail fence.

Features:  A small pool large enough for five or six people. There used to be a second smaller cooler pool here but only one exists today. Camping is nearby at the Willow Creek USFS campground at the trailhead.

Usage:  moderate

Temperature:  110 degrees at the source but is cooler in the pool.

Overall:  If your in the area its worth checking out. There are several good hiking trails in the area to explore as well.

Upper Potosi Hot Springs
Photos sourced from Al Queso, Montana Hot Springs Facebook group.
Potosi Hot Springs Potosi Hot Springs
Potosi Hot Springs Fence
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