Wyoming's Hot Springs

Wyoming is home to 173 hot springs, however the majority of these are within Yellowstone National Park. This page will focus on hot springs outside of the park, soaking within Yellowstone is prohibited except for one exception in the Montana section. This map contains a listing of all known hot springs in Wyoming over 90 degrees and those under 90 degrees. The springs are categorized by accessibility.

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  Private Hot Spring or Unknown Access

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Springs are listed below in alphabetical order

Astoria Hot Springs

Directions:  Located about 15 miles south of Jackson, WY on US Highway 89.

Features:  Astoria Hot Springs operated as a family friendly resort since the 1960's closed in 1999. There is a project underway by a nonprofit organization to rebuild and reopen the resort as a community park and hot springs pool. It appears they are going to open by the spring of 2019.

Overall:  We are not sure what this place will look like when it's finished yet. Hopefully more details will come out soon.

Temperature:  99 degrees at it's source.

More Info:  Visit Astoria Hot Springs Park web site https://astoriahotspringspark.com.

Astoria Hot Springs
Illustration Courtesy DHM Design

Granite Hot Springs Pool

Directions:  Located about 34 miles southeast of Jackson, WY. Follow US Highway 191 south of Jackson about 25 miles. Take a left on Granite Creek Road to the hot springs, this is a unpaved forest service road. This springs are accessible in the winter via winter transportation modes only.

Features:  The forest service maintains recreation area here with a concrete soaking pool and nearby campground. There is a $8 fee for adults and $5 for children to soak here and is staffed by an attendant.

Overall:  This is a busy place during the summer months and is very popular with tourists. There is a undeveloped pool located about a half mile away near Granite Creek as well.

Temperature:  Varies throughout the pool, anywhere between 105 degrees and 90 degrees.

More Info:  Visit Bridger-Teton National Forest web site https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/btnf/recarea/?recid=71639.

Granite Hot Springs
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